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Betty McCoy Hawkins, a seasoned gospel artist from Louisiana, is a leader in the genre. Raised in a family of 10, her robust Christian foundation guided her into a lifelong ministry. Growing up Betty served as a youth leader, director, and praise and worship leader, showcasing her powerful vocals in choirs across Louisiana.

Leading the diverse group United, Betty released their debut singles in 2015, navigating personal challenges with resilience. Internationally recognized in 2016, Betty and United garnered awards at prestigious events. Notable releases include "I Believe" in 2019 and a Christmas tribute single in 2021.

In 2023, Betty received the Living Legends Award and prepared for the 'LIVE Recording Concert' with United, unveiling the highly anticipated single "In His Presence" in September 2023. This project underscores their commitment to sharing faith and hope through the transformative presence of God.

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Booking: Betty Hawkins and United

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